Building Maintenance Works

Building & Maintenance

Arizona LLC is also vastly experienced in building maintenance work. We are recognized as a premier maintenance company, and understand what you need to ensure streamlined operation.

These services are based on monthly and annual maintenance contracts.

Building Maintenance Services:

  • Electro-mechanical services: electrical work and plumbing
  • Floor maintenance & restoration
  • All kinds of maintenance, renovation and refurbishment work.
  • Carpentry and gypsum works
  • Interior & exterior carpentry work
  • Ceiling & roof framing
  • Floor & wall framing
  • Cabinet construction
  • Door, window & furniture work
  • Carpentry finishing work, including painting

Electromechanical Works

The two most important parts of the electromechanical maintenance of a building are plumbing and electrical work.

Since high-rise building and apartment complexes have a central system from which these things are controlled, they need to be carried out by the maintenance company or department.

The electrical work involves making sure all the bare wires are covered, risk of short-circuit is mitigated, power is being supplied to all the residences, and there are no issues of an electrical nature.

The plumbing works ensure water is being received and distributed to the residences properly, that it is not being wasted, it is reaching homes with the necessary pressure, pumping motors are working properly, and the occurrence of seepage through pipes is minimized.

Floor Maintenance And Restoration

Floor maintenance is about keeping the floors in the building clean and protected from dust and dirt particles. Part of this is also restoring the materials from which the floor is made.

The maintenance aspect takes into account the material, which is usually wood, stone, or tile. Each of these requires different maintenance methods, because of the hardness of the surface.

For stone and marble, professionals can carry out maintenance works with polish, and can thoroughly clean the floor as well.

Tiles are very durable and are the most used materials in buildings these days. They are easy to clean and maintain. They often have the issue of dirt being collected into the gaps between the tiles, which maintenance companies usually clean with steam.

Wooden floors require more care and maintenance than other types, because they scratch easily. This is why sealants have become very popular. This coat protects the wood itself from being affected, and also plays a role in keeping the wooden floor clean.


Indoor and outdoor carpets are usually made of the same basic materials, and involve the same maintenance procedures. This they are made of cloth fibres, they absorb a lot more dust and dirt than hard floors. This is why their maintenance can be harder and more expensive.

They need to vacuumed and dry cleaned regularly, so that dust, bacteria, and stains are removed properly.


Framing of the ceiling, floors, and roof plays an important part in not only adding a complete look to the parts of the building, but also play a practical role.

For ceilings and roofs, they provide a practical perimeter boundary, which makes the collected dust easier to reach and clean.