Interior Design FitOut

Interior Design FitOut

Arizona is all about delivering an environment that inspires purpose and function. It is about transforming a space into a layout that works.

Through our in-house production capability and strategic partnerships, and the vast experience of our design and project management team, we provide imaginative and exciting solutions that are practical and cost efficient for all briefs.

No project is too big or too small, and we have solutions for all budgets. Our interior fit out process includes:

  • Design and planning according to your requirements
  • Ensuring strict adherence to budget and timescale
  • Implementing an artistic finish

More About Interior Design

Interior design is about working with the available resources to make the best of an internal space, even though the exterior of a building of house may also be involved.

The modern purposes are many, including adding elements of beauty and grace, achieving a surrounding template, which is both, healthy and good looking, and lately, environment friendliness.

Therefore, interior designers are people who design, plan and manage these projects. In many cases, they will visit the space several times, work with software, communicate with the clients or owners, and research possible changes.

Interior Design In Residential Applications

Residential interior design is about the interior of a house or apartment. In this case, the most important consideration is the choices and preferences of the client, being able to stick to the stated budget, working with the available space for the best possible results, and adding an element of uniqueness to each individual project.

Depending on the client and space, the designer may give their input from the very beginning, which is the design and planning stage, or work only to remodel or renovate an existing space.

The whole job relies on proper communication between the client and the designer, which is what helps to bring out the best results.

Interior Design In Commercial Spaces

In the commercial sense, interior design includes many segments, in which interior designers are usually specialized.

These may include retail spaces, like shopping malls, grocery stores, luxury chains, and showrooms.

In the corporate world, it can cover different types of official buildings, such as banks, and headquarters and branches of companies.

A big segment of the commercial interior design world is hotels and recreation centers, which need to be aesthetically pleasing to bring visitors back again and again. This includes the design of lobbies, the rooms, convention and meeting halls, and ballrooms.

On the recreational side, it could include the design of spas and grooming centers, which need to be based on a theme or create a relaxed and calming environment for the clients.

The theme and the purpose of the space are two very important considerations in the design, lighting, and furniture that are placed.

Our Interior & Exterior Services:

  • Interior & exterior design and construction
  • Outer elevation with stone design for villas
  • Decorative floor tiles & stones
  • Decorative false ceiling
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Residential projects
  • Office fit outs
  • Gypsum, wood and glass partitions
  • Painting & wall paper fixing
  • Central air-conditioning system