Interlock and Paving Works

Interlock and Paving Works

From Carpets And Stone To Multi-Purpose Tiles

Not long ago, most landscaping in the outdoors, be it the areas surrounding the garden or the pool, or pavements in the front and backyard, used to be done with concrete or cement.

Today, even though concrete is still used, cement is seen to be dry and unattractive, especially for people who are enthusiastic about making a good impression with their outdoor décor and fittings as well.

That is when tiles were introduced. Once expensive, this alternative started to become cheaper and cheaper very fast, and became the preferred option, regardless of the need for fittings inside the house, or in the outdoors.

Tiles can now be used to make the areas inside the house boundaries look neat and beautiful, especially since they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This gives customers the ability to choose and put together something beautiful, which also fits their budgets.

The latest trend in tiles is the interlock concept, which makes use of tiles of more than one color, to make designs and shapes according to the requirements of the client.

By using two colors, clients can create attractive shapes and designs, without having to pay anything extra for it.

Common Materials

Outdoor tiles are made of durable and dense materials, which can stand the test of time, and also provide resistance to the common culprits, including weather, dust, dirt, grime, and sand.

Because they are going to be placed usually in the patio and driveway area, they are going to interact with the sun and attract lots of dust, which is why they need to be made of materials that need cleaning only once in a while.

The materials include stone, gravel, granite and rock. All of these provide excellent resistance to scratching and breakage, once they have been fixed and locked in place by professionals.

Special Needs Materials

Interlock in Dubai can be used for specific functions, such as furnishing the pool and poolside, and building a garden wall and boundary.

Materials commonly used for this purpose have different colors and nature, and include common glass tiles for the pool, and limestone and sandstone for the garden areas.

Choosing Arizona LLC

When investing a big amount in beautifying the areas around the house, clients want the peace of mind that comes with having invested in long-lasting materials, and a professional company.

With Arizona LLC, you not only choose an organization that values its customers, but also gives them the best materials and design options, in light of their needs.

Several years of experience and a diverse clientele have taken us to the place we are at today, which is not possible if even one important client has felt neglected.

Our Specialists

Our staff works tirelessly with clients to give them ideas that match their needs, while ensuring that we work with reputed suppliers to procure materials that follow the highest durability standards.

We can work with a large variety of tile materials, to create attractive designs that will truly reflect your choice and lifestyle.

  • Interlock, Basco fixing
  • Pavement, Walkways
  • Stone Pitching
  • New works and Renovation
  • Parking in Building & Villas
  • Curb stones & Heel Curbs
  • Wheel stopper in parking
  • Road marking & Curbstones Painting

Fixing of below blocks for Interlock

Rectanguler blocks, Uni blocks, Vario, Behaton, Decor Blacks, Classico, Rusto, LA Plaza, Monaco, Marbella, Lotus, Ventagilio blocks

  • Leveling & Compacting
  • Compaction test
  • Topographical Survey & Site survey  with drawings
  • finish road level calculations with drawings
  • Earthworks, cut & fill with drawings
  • Base, Sub Base for Parking area
  • Proper Design & Drawings