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Landscaping  & Gardening

We provide garden design, landscape design and construction services for all types of residential and commercial properties in Dubai and the UAE.

Our services cover villas and apartment complexes, associations and clubs, offices, shopping centers, schools, universities, and government & public organizations.

We have been providing professional design and landscaping services in the UAE for several years, and specialize in delivering the best design ideas that suit your needs, in a low budget.

With customers and clients all over the UAE, and a team of engineers and designers that have collected several years worth of experience in this field, we cater to a full range of landscaping work and beatification work.

NOTE: For clients who have new gardens, we provide design and drawings free of charge.

What Do Landscaping Specialists Do?

This department involves the work of architects, designers, and contractors. The projects are of many types and scales. An example of a small project is designing a yard for a home. A large project could be designing transport centers, or sea-facing properties.

The designers usually work on small projects, especially the ones that involve private residences. After the design and planning phase, the contractors are the ones who make the ideas of the designers come true.

More About Gardening

The gardening part also involves the design, planning, construction and maintenance aspects, but will be limited only to the trees and plants in the landscape.

The designers contribute by making sketches of the way the garden is supposed to look. Then the gardeners will take over. They will plant, replace, and harvest the different kinds of plants that have been planned for placement.

One of the most important jobs is to get a picture of the nature of the land, and plant things accordingly. This can depend on several things, such as the local climate, and the quality of the soil.

Often clients will want to place certain plants and flowers in their garden, which cannot grow in the local weather, or need several changes to be grown and maintained.

Gardeners can advise on which plants are best for the garden, treat weeds, protect the garden and plants from diseases, make sure they get enough water, and that the soil is as healthy as it needs to be.

Our expertise lies in the following services:

We provide comprehensive maintenance services to keep your garden looking lush and perfect, in a price point that will not break the bank. We can work with any type of garden, from those located at family houses, to the ones at large industrial facilities.

Landscaping Services:

  • Landscaping, softscape and hardscape
  • Design and execution for new gardens
  • Swimming pool design and execution
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Soil preparation and landscaping for gardens
  • Fixing indoor & outdoor plants
  • Interlock and pavement work
  • Fixing tiles and marble
  • Stone work
  • Pergola & gazebo work
  • Fencing work
  • Painting work
  • Grass fixing
  • Water fountains, water features and water fall work
  • Relocating existing garden and lawn
  • Automated and manual water irrigation systems
  • Drippers, sprinklers and sprayers
  • Garden lighting, electrical and plumbing work